2014 Haverhill Running Club Award Night

The categories are decided, with the awards night only weeks away your nominations are needed!

If you want to add a comment about why you have nominated someone please do as it will help the committee decide and also we might use your comments on the night to recognise all the fantastic achievements for the club and individually – there are lots of stories out there!

Your nominations are anonymous, unless you choose to add your name – however the system does track which computers (via IP) have voted and will block second or third votes.

Please add your nominations to the awards listed below. The committee will then decide on the winners of each category. Nominations close at midday on the 29 September!!! However the nominations for the two * awards will be put back to the members to vote for after the 30 September for the club to decide upon the clubs winners!

The JT award is an award to celebrate a funny event/mishap that may have befallan a member while taking part/ helping at a race. E.g. A member (who shall remain nameless) when on driving duties at the RNR drove through a height barrier forgetting that he had a bike on top of his car! He won the JT award that year.

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