Communication is the name of the game!

Just in case you were wondering, here is how HRC communicates to make sure you are never far away from ‘hot off the press’ HRC information and updates!

The really really important stuff – anything that effects or concerns your membership, the Annual General Meeting, or is really important and urgent will be sent via the membership system IMG. Apart from your membership update these will be rare – you need to do nothing, it just happens

The important and interesting stuff – will be posted on the website for all to see and refer back to at any time while it is still relevant. If you want the posts emailed to you directly, save you looking for them – like the weekly Thursday Club Runs – you can opt to sign up to the website – see below

The noticeboard – will be updated with static information about the club and will not be updated regularly. The notice board is mainly for non members to learn more about the club.

The committee will endeavor to link posts to Facebook when they can. Facebook is a really popular discussion forum – but less than half of the club members use Facebook, so it just does not work for all.

…get running club news to your inbox as it happens!

 Go to the site

and look for

“Be a follower via Email”

 be a follower

Add your email address and verify the first email sent to you.

 You will then receive all the news posts as and when they happen to your inbox.

 You can click the link to change how often you receive updates, from the default ‘instant’ to all together, once a week.