Martin 1st in Edinburgh, Mary Ann 3rd in Framlingham

Great performance by Martin Lawrence at the Edinburgh Half Marathon who was first MV50! Mary Ann Moseley added to her trophy collection by coming 3rd woman at the Framlingham 5, that puts her 2nd in the club records! Charlotte Acheson also had a great run at Framlingham improving her previous time by over a minute, which puts her 5th on the club records.
Yusuf Firat amazingly got his 9th PB of the year, and he smashed it , knocking 2min11secs off his previous best for 10K! This was at Hatfield, where there was also a PB for Kirsty Millard which puts her 10th on the club records. Other PB’s at Hatfield were Kevin Millard, Stuart Shepherd, Ruth Bayne and Tony Bacon.
Lauri Love got a huge PB at Clumber Park Half Marathon, and Sirkka Love also did. Dan Knight ran a fantastic 3:14 marathon at Edinburgh.
All these people got PB’s in the Time Trial: Tony Bacon, Freya Rootes, Marc Benson, Stacey Marshall, Anna Garner, Sam Scroggie, Amanda Freemantle, Lena Wright, Clare Everitt, Michelle Brazier Gardner, Kevin Millard, Grace Judge, Susie Covey & Robert Wigmore. Susie Covey goes to 8th on the time trial board, and Tony Bacon remains 10th on the time trial board but improves his time by one second.
Tony Bacon has been very busy and also ran the Cambridge park run, where he improved his 5K time to move up to 7th on the club records.
Check these out here:

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