So many PB’s!

There was an amazing number of PB’s at the Carver Barracks Kevin Henry 5K on Thursday. Michael Gilbert had a great run with a PB of 16:15 putting him 2nd on the club records and he came his best position of 4th and was only 13 seconds behind the winner! Sian-Marie Lucas also had a brilliant run. She was 3rd female and was only 5 seconds away from her PB. Gareth Thomas broke 18 minutes for the first time, which puts him 6th on the club records. Craig Sisson was just a second away from breaking 18 minutes with his PB, which makes him 8th on the club records. Cheryl Trundle keeps improving, and her 21:57 puts her 9th on the club records. Also getting PB’s here were David Percy, Simon Wallis, Melanie Mansfield, Dave Mansfield, Lee Brown, Clare Everitt, Teresa Franklin, Carol Bliss, Kevin(gets a new PB every week)Millard, Niall Baragry, Yusuf Firat, Joanne Vickery, Karen Smyth Grant, Sarah Lynch, Andrew Martin, Neil Mustoe (50secs off!), Paul J Sherritt (2nd KH PB in a row) & Rhea Emilie.
Yusuf Firat also got another PB at the 10miler in Ware at the weekend beating his previous PB by 1min 33 seconds! He is having a good battle with Lee Brown at the top of the PB table. Yusuf has 12 and Lee has 11.
Teresa Franklin also got 2 PB’s in a week! Her 2nd one was at the Felstead 10k. Glenn Fruish and Michelle Brazier Gardner also got PB’s here.
Finally, Westley Walker got a PB at Bury park run with an excellent 18:39, just 8 seconds away from making the club records.

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