Yusuf PB’s again!

At the Felixstowe 10 Yusuf Firat & Neil Mustoe got PB’s. This is Yusuf’s 14th PB of the year! And he is not just knocking seconds off, he is knocking minutes off. He was nearly 3 minutes quicker than the PB he set just 3 weeks ago! He was also 2nd in his age category and came an impressive 23rd overall in a time of 1:08:39.
Neil Mustoe got his 8th PB of the year finishing in 1:20:50.
Mat Bigley came 2nd in the Wicked Walden 10K in a time of 35:16 which moves him to 4th on the club records. Westley Walker came 13th running a minute quicker than last year in 39:50.
Shirley Fowler successfully completed her 30th Marathon at Loch Ness in a time of 4:30:16.




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