Guess who got a PB?

Guess who got another PB? That’s right it’s Yusuf ‘PB’ Firat. This time Yusuf knocked 9 minutes off his previous best, in the Chelmsford Marathon finishing in 3:36:50. This is his incredibly his 19th PB of the year!!!! He is now 4 above Lee Brown in 2nd, and with less than a month to go in the competition it looks like he’s going to be very hard to beat.
Also at the Chelmsford Marathon Ian Elden knocked an amazing 52 minutes off his previous best! Ian was pleased to get under the 3:30 mark with 3:27:17. Simon Wallis got an impressive 11th PB of the year and remains in 4th in the table. Stuart Shepherd got his 4th PB of the year. Also well done to Shirley Fowler, Jack Tappin and Joanne Rosenwold who also successfully completed the marathon course.

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