Cheryl Trundle 2nd in the Dublin Marathon

Cheryl Trundle, Shirley Fowler, Theresa Jones, Kirsty Millard, Ruth Bayne and Trudi Frooby Frubes Morrish all successfully completed the Dublin Marathon. Cheryl Trundle had another excellent run finishing in 3:33:05 and coming 2nd in her age category! Shirley Fowler was very pleased to get her 3rd PB of the year finishing in 4:10:45.
No PB for Yusuf Firat this week! Still did amazing though completing his 2nd marathon within a week! This was the Beachy Head Marathon which is a tough off road marathon.
Lee Brown had a great run at the Fenland 10. He got another PB his 16th of the year! Which puts him just 3 behind Yusuf in the PB league.
In last weeks time trial, unfortunately the course was 30m short, so there were no records or PB’s this time. There were still some excellent runs: Michael Gilbert would have broke the time trial record. He finished in a super quick 16:38, and the full distance would have only took him another 6 seconds approximately.
Many others could have got PB’s too: Cherilyn Lane, Debbie Hartshorn, Ellen Williams, Josh Wigmore, Daniel Everitt, Adam Everitt, Gabrielle Clarke, & Tony Bacon.

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