Awards Night – the results


New member of the year

Female nominations: Melanie Mansfield, Fran Williams, Kelly Mepham

mmWinner Melanie Manfield

  • I watch her run and she always try’s no stopping no moaning head down keeps going – Starting in the beginners group in January not being able to run very far to completing a half marathon 10 months after starting and in a great time of 2hrs 16 – has made herself quite at home with the club, very rarely misses a Tuesday or Thursday and has taken part in quite a few races, including the KH 5k series, improved so much since completing the Beginners in January – had the pleasure of running with her lots of times with the beginners, she never gives in and always pushes, also buddied her round her first ever 10K, she strives to get better every week.

Male nominations: Peter Miller, David Mansfield, Glen Fruish


Winner – David Mansfield

  • he never gives in, steady improvement throughout the year, I ran his first ever 10K with him earlier this year and he recently moved into the 9min/mile Thursday group, he’s always trying to improve – David deserves smidgen more than other worthy runner new members. David has been there for other runners, supporting them but also having himself a very healthy approach to running giving respect and affection necessary in equal dose.

Most improved

Male nominations: Simon Wallis, Yusuf Firat, Paul Brough


Winner Paul Brough

  • to come back from having a stroke he’s gone from Strengh to strength – an amazing improvement which he has worked hard for and not just done it alone, helped so many others along the way – Has made an amazing come back – We should all remember that at the beginning of this year Paul had only just learnt how to walk again. By the end of the year his 5k time is getting faster and faster and he ran a 10k in just over an hour. Alongside his own dramatic (especially considering how I’ll he was) improvements, he has been so supportive to many other slower runners through the Tuesday group. – has defo covered the most ground since this time last year – To come back from a stroke and improve the way his has is unbelievable, a true inspiration to us all, how hard must that be to know how good you were and know you will never be that good again, but still strive to improve. Fantastic stuff and a lesson for everyone in the club about overcoming adversity and oozing positive vibes.

Female nominations: Teresa Franklin, Cheryl Trundle, Sil Clay


Winner Teresa Franklin

  • for her positive attitude and improved times – A few PBs and always gives 100% in any running event for the club – been with the club a few years now, attends most races and her K H 5k times just get quicker every time, lovely lady, and time for some recognition. – has had some fantastic runs this year and also pacing few friends on races. Seems to improve every time she runs. – she just gets better every year

Junior of the year

Nominations: Josh Wigmore,  Jed Randell, Ellen Williams

Winner Josh Wigmore

  • his energy and enthusiasm is endless, always puts in so much effort – Not sure of his name little lad with glasses comes with his mum and his dad – I think he’s Roberts son. The little guy with glasses who comes to all the Tuesday sessions – for always trying and his sporting spirit (he once stopped turned around and went back to cheer his dad up the hill before carrying on himself)

Most impressive performance

Female Nominations

Winner – Cheryl Trundle – London Marathon 3.30.23, Kelly Mepham – RNR – Stage 12 – 19.67 miles 2:27:33, Sian Marie Lucas – Cambridge Half Marathon 1:28:19

Male Nominations

Michael Gilbert – RNR stage 5 – 10.81 miles (across a shingle beach) 1:15:13, Winner – Andrew Bell – Staford Half Marathon 1:15:41, Mat Bigley – Thurlow 5 28:17

HRC Grand Prix Winners

461.63 – Teresa Franklin  1st  Andrew Barber – 485.18
431.35 – Joan Nevin  2nd  John Nevin 479.21
419.68 – Sandra Hiscox  3rd  Craig Sisson 469.66
348.97 – Cheryl Trundle  4th Michael Banner 461.02
329.65 – Brigitte Heard  5th  Lee Brown 450.32
303.38 – Kirsty Millard 6th Daniel Knight 445.89
288.59 – Grace Judge 7th Simon Wallis 425.77
268.1 – Siobhan Dockerill 8th Mark White 423.11
267.36 – Sil Clay 9th Andrew Bell 384.87
241.44 – Sarah Miller 10th Yusuf Firat 359.32

Suffolk Grand Prix – 2015

HRC clear at the top by 669 points – the boys clear by 137 points – the girls by just a few more! (470)
Recognition to….

Sian Marie Lucas – 1st – Female Open – 498 points out of 500
Janet Symonds 2nd – F53 – 468
Dawn Dixon 3rd – F53 – 467
Mary Ann Moseley 2nd – F40 – 495

Andrew Bell – 1st – Men’s Open – 496
Mark White – 3rd – M40 – 479
Martin Lawrence – 2nd – M50 – 496
John Nevin – 2nd M60 – 396

Members Member

Nominations – Dave Greenham, Yusuf Firat, Bill Banner, Karen Martin

Winner – Yusuf with 49% of the vote


  • great champion of the club – the Tuesday night group has helped the slower runners build confidence hes really en-couraging and does it all off his own back – Always there to help others, especially slower and less competitive runners – always happy to help beginners and run at their speed – for being so supportive to so many members – for putting together the Tuesday group and making all runners feel comfortable with running in the group that has such a mix of abilities – I know for a fact a lot of the begginner runners wouldent be as active in the club if it wasent for yusuf. There was a gap in the training schedule, a few people dident feel very comforable in the standard training sessions. Yusuf has filed this gap by introducing the extra tuesday evening group. I have been to this myself and his enthusiasm and en-couragement is secong to none. He is incredibly helpfull in many situations and has gone out of his way to support oth-ers. From giving people training plans to help paul brough back to fitness, and also giving some of the slower runners in the club a new target. Plus he has improved himself as a runner and has become very fast in his own right. In my opinion this is an easy choice. – for his training sessions – has gone out of his way to help others, while still maintaining his own training – races lots, set up new training group & organises handicap race – encourages everyone, very keen and a pleasure to know.



The awards night was not just about awards but also about apricaiting all the people that put in there own time to make the club happen…

Stephen Reyes, Siobhan Dockerill, Sil Clay, Mat Bigley, Sian Marie Lucas, Karen Martin, Martin Lawrence, Mark White, Trevor Bunch, Yusuf Firat, Zoe Chapman, Carol Le Roy, Annette Hall, Nigel Chapman, Mat Cowell, Tony Bacon, Jo Vickery, Shirley Fowler, all the Thursday run leaders, Dawn Dixon, Louisa Zioui, Stuart Shepard, oh lord who have I forgotten I am sorry…thank you all


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