Club’s New Years resolutions

wordcloudRemember this? I don’t think if we asked, again much will have changed over the course of the year?

So this year its a slightly different question. The new committee will form in the New Year, they will be asked to set the goals and aspirations for the club over the next 12 months – lets not leave it to chance :), you can help set the clubs New Year resolutions…

Three words, three things you think that should be the top priorities of the club. They could be actual things – tea and coffee for training sessions, or events – we must enter a three legged race, or values – we must ensure that running be easy, they can be all the same type of things, or different – which ever you feel most important.

I can’t guarantee which three will make it, I will not say that numbers 4, 5 and 6 on the list will just be ignored, I don’t know what resources the club will have next year yet – but I can ask the question – which three things are most important to you?


The AGM also saw a long list of jobs and roles that will need some help to achieve over the coming months. Here’s the list, if your interested or want more information please drop us a line on the form.

·         Press Releases – do

·         Facebook Coordinator – monitor

·         Noticeboard – update

·         PB & SB League -organise

·         Talks – organise

·         Cambridge Relay -organise

·         Ekiden Relays – organise

·         Round Norfolk Relay – organise

·         Suffolk GP – promote

·         Kevin Henry Party – help do






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