Lee Brown gets another PB!

There were lots of races going on at the weekend.

Lee Brown did the hilly Watford Half Marathon in a PB time of 1:33:25! He is the first person to get onto the PB league and is carrying on his good form from last year when he got 17 PB’s!

On Saturday we had 3 members running the Olympic Park 10K. Yusuf Firat was first in, in 45th place and came 3rd in his age catergory. His time was 41:21 over a minute and a half quicker than he ran it last month! Paul Brough also had a good run, I think he ran another post stroke best running 53:28. Paul J Sherritt enjoyed his run 56:39 and was almost a minute quicker than he ran it last month!

In New Orleans Michael Andreottola ran his 2nd best ever Half Marathon, running 1:57:03. He has now ran a half marathon in 31 states + DC and has 19 left to do.

Yusuf Firat did another race on Sunday, the Great Bentley Half Marathon. At mile 11 it looked like he might make it to sub 1:30, but by the last mile he was done for and missed his PB by some seconds.

Neil Mustoe and Peter Brunning ran the London Winter Run 10K in 46:28 & 58:06 respectively.

Shirley Fowler, David Edwards and Joanne Rosenwold all ran the very muddy Braintree Boggle Marathon in 6hrs 22min.






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