Gilbert Smashes Half Marathon Record!

An incredible run by Michael Gilbert at the weekend in Cambridge. Knocking almost 6 minutes off his previous best and smashing the club half marathon record by almost 2 minutes (1:13:49)! He finished in 16th place out of nearly 7000 runners!
Kelly Mepham also had a brilliant run taking 5 and a half minutes off her previous best, running 1:28:10, which is the 2nd fastest female time in the club records.
Cheryl Trundle got another PB (1:39:09) and was again first in her age category!
Niall Baragry had the biggest improvement by running 3:02 and cutting an incredible 15 minutes off his previous best!
Also getting PB’s were Andy Quick, David Percy, Lee Brown, Gemma Robyn Ann Evans, Alex Smith, Stacey Marshall, Karina Hunt, David & Melanie Mansfield, Mark White, Craig Sisson, Marc Benson, Jo Vickery, Jayne Hill & Neil Mustoe.
It was a great week for the Everitts getting 4 PB’s in a week! Daniel Everitt took an amazing 3 minutes off his 5K PB in the time trial last week and then took 2 minutes off his half marathon best! Son Adam took 6 seconds off his 5K time at the time trial, and Clare Everitt sliced an impressive 6 minutes off her Half marathon best!
Elsewhere Shirley Fowler was the first Haverhill runner to finish in the Essex 20. Jamie Randall, Paul J Sherritt and Sirkka Love all had good runs at the Fritton Lake Cross Country race.


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