H R C Handicap Time Trial


The Club’s Handicap Time Trial will be held on Sunday 11th June 2017.

Dear Club members,

I can announce that 2017 Handicap Time Trial will take place at the disused old airfield behind the Highpoint Prison in Stradishall (CB8 9YG).

The event will start at 9:30am on Sunday 11th June with first runner(s) then a staggered start for other runners depending on their estimated completion time for a 5 mile course (I will produce a list of staggered start times for all members in the spring when we have more recent 5k and 10k race times for as many members as possible – roll on Kevin Henry season!)

For directions to the Old Airfield, drive towards Bury St Edmunds from Haverhill, as you approach Highpoint on A143, turn right onto Lancaster Way and drive down all the way towards the bottom of the road – note that the road turn from Lancaster Way to Steeplechase midway down from A143.

As always, I am nervous on the organising front but am thoroughly looking forward to this. I will once again rely on Karina to obtain permission from the prison regarding parking nearer the time and Carol Le Roy regardiing the timing watch, other volunteers to help set up the course and marshall. So, please do run this unique race in the Club’s annual race calendar if you can – if you cannot run, your help volunteering with marshalling, water/cake station, timing, etc. would be most helpful.

I would highly recommend this event for anyone and everyone – all abilities! The Handicap TT provides a great level playing field for all!

Please mark here if you are “going” but at least mark “may be” so that you have an anchor on your facebook timeline and do not lose track of this event.

Look forward to seeing you all.

PS message me if you have any queries.
PPS when I publish the start times and if your name is not on the list it is because I have not found any recent 5k or 10k times for you to calculate an estimated 5 mile time. I have NOT ignored or purposefully excluded you! So, you MUST message me your last 5k or 10k time so that I can work out a start time for you.

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