Running a marathon makes Yusuf, Kevin & Shirley go faster!

Yusuf Firat is incredible! After running a marathon PB in Blackpool last week, on Thursday he ran a 5K PB (18:59) in the Kevin Henry race! Then on Sunday he ran the Ashford & District Half Marathon (1:34:36) came 6th and won his age group! Following this, on Monday he ran the Milton Keynes Marathon pacing Ann-Louise Salt to 3:42:37 (a good for age time for the London Marathon)!
Kevin Millard is also amazing. After running his debut Marathon in London last week, on Thursday he ran a 5K PB in the Kevin Henry 20:56 (56 seconds off his previous best!) and on Bank Holiday Monday he knocked 1minute 29seconds off his best 10K time (46:42) on a very tough course in Ashdon!
Shirley Fowler seems to run a marathon almost every week at the moment! All that practice is paying off, as she took 6 minutes off her Marathon PB in Milton Keynes 4:04:34!
Alex Smith is getting very quick. He was the first Haverhill runner to finish the Kevin Henry 5K and the Ashdon 10K. Alex got PB’s in both 17:44 and 40:57 respectively. His 5K time puts him 6th on the club records!
Neil Mustoe is also flying at the moment. He got a PB at the Kevin Henry 20:30 (28 seconds off!) and at the Breckland 10K on Monday 44:27 (1min7seconds off!). That makes it 5 PB’s for this year, which puts him joint top of the PB league.
Tony Bacon joins Neil at the top of the table with his 16:58 at the Kevin Henry.
Marc Benson was another one to get 2 PB’s in a week! 40 seconds off his 5K PB at the Kevin Henry and 30 seconds off his 10K PB at Breckland!
Simon Wallis took 13 minutes off his PB at the Milton Keynes Marathon 4:01:14! Next time he is going to go sub 4.
Carl Oldford got a 26 second PB at the Wimpole parkrun 26:39.
Annarine De Lange, Sarah Lynch, Claire Lister, Mike Freed, Karen Smyth Grant, Melanie Mansfield, Lynnette Garstang (by 59 seconds!) and Carol Bliss (by 30 seconds!) all got 5K PB’s at the Kevin Henry race in Impington!
Amanda Freemantle finally got a PB at the GEAR 10K in Kings Lynn.
Stanley Martin got a 3K PB in the Ashdon Fun Run 18:10.
Glenn Fruish ran his quickest Ashdon 10K, and Michelle Brazier Gardner was the quickest Haverhill runner at the Fen Drayton 10K. Trev Bunch was pleased to go under 40 at the Breckland 10K with 39:12 after not much training, he came 11th and was 3rd in his age category. Mary Ann Tuli was 4th female at the Ashdon 10K 44:49.
There’s even more results here!:


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