Thurlow 5/10 2017 needs you!! Race Director Opportunity

Dear all,

As we are rocketing through 2017 it is time to think about one of our other club events: The Thurlow 5 and 10 mile races. After multiple successfully organised races Trev will no longer be organising it this year. Before we begin to organise it though we would like to extend the chance for someone from the club to take on the Race Director role. Whilst it is a big job you will have the full support and assistance of the committee, but please consider if you have the time to commit to the role. It’s not a full time job but there are lots of things that pop up along the way.

It is usually held in October but that is flexible as long as we try not to clash with GP races or other big local events.

There are two beautiful and excellently planned routes in existence but again nothing is set in stone.

As Race Director you would be responsible for overall organisation – but the many roles that make up the running (!) of a running event such as getting race permits/licences, marshalls, timing, entries can be delegated and our club members are known for their helpful nature!

If you are interested please contact us via the website/facebook/speak to a committee member asap!

If you want more information then there are a few of us that have organised races before so we can fill you in.

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