Round Norfolk Relay 16th to17th of September 2017

Dear Haverhill Running Club Member

I am sure most of you will have heard of the Round Norfolk Relay and for those of you that haven’t the title gives the game away: a relay race running 198 miles around the county of Norfolk, 17 stages ranging from 5 to 20 miles. Please take a look at the RNR website

HRC has been entered for this year’s race and now is the time to think about what role if any you would like to play. There are a range of things that have to be done over the next few months and on the race weekend. Last year was an amazing event for all involved and with your help this year can be even better. The more of us that are involved the better, this is very special weekend for any running club but I must say over the years HRC really shines.

What would be great is if some of you could volunteer to take the lead with one of the following areas of responsibility:

  1. Organizing the runners, allocating stages and managing the running team.
  2. Getting a van/support vehicle together
  3. Organizing a team of support cyclists
  4. Time keeper (this can be shared to avoid one person being up all night)
  5. Getting a team together, at least 6 people to Marshall a stage

I will be open with you if you take part you won’t get much sleep over the weekend but is such a fantastic experience I know you won’t regret it.

If you want to take a lead with any of the 5 tasks listed above please let me know. I will then get those who volunteer together for a planning meeting. If you want to take part but don’t want to lead that’s not a problem, let me know what you would like to do and I will get a list together in any event. 

For those of you who are keen to run there is a time limit on the race and as a result we must average 8:40 minute miles. Unlike other clubs that have selective entry and only give their fastest runners a place HRC try to accommodate all levels of runners as part of the race team. What this means is as long as the long stages have runners who are under that pace we can afford to have some in the shorter stages that are over. If you run there is a contribution towards the entry fee of £15.00 per runner. 

If you have any questions please do ask when you see me over the next few weeks or drop me a line at, call or text 07392064770. 

Thank you 


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