Grand Prix Update June 2017

It’s been a while since the last update and quite a few results have been added over the last six weeks. We have had the Great Baddow 10, Impington 5k, The Flaming June Half, Steeple Bumpstead 10k and the Bury Friday 5m. I have attached a file that has all the data I have for each race. If you have completed a Grand prix race and it’s not on the sheet. Please email me with the race, the time and your date of birth and I will update as soon as I can

As we are now halfway through the season you  can see how you stand compared to your friends and who are the stand out runners  in the race to the be this years winners. Anyone has a chance to win and there are still plenty of races to enter for anyone to complete the required amount.

Great running the current top 10 Yusuf Firat, Andy Barber, Teresa Franklin, Neil Mustoe, David Mansfield, Mike Freed, Cheryl Trundle, Shirley Fowler, Martin Lawrence and Michael Gilbert.

Grand Prix to 27.06.17 Filtered

Any questions please ask.


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