A couple of updates

Hello everyone,

With the spring/summer season now in full swing a couple of points to be made:

  1. To try and avoid the mishap of last week each week there will now be a post on the website and Facebook (hopefully by Monday evening at the latest) detailing all the training and events on offer to club members for the week. This should hopefully avoid any confusion around what is happening. If you think I’ve forgotten anything then send me a private message and I can sort it out. There may be things you think are worth promoting that we haven’t thought of or heard about! This will be on a week to week basis to allow for flexibility for the coaches and their plans. There is still the training rota on the website as always if you need info that is further ahead. bear with me whilst we work out the best way to do all this.
  2. The ‘who does what’ page has been updated. Less people joined the committee than stood down this year so some posts are vacant. If you want to take part or help with any of them then please let us know. It takes a lot of effort to run the club and member input is super valuable, you don’t have to make a huge committment – any help is much appreciated!
  3. I attended the first steering group meeting of the Greater Cambridge Athletics Network after Kevin Henry last night, following the change of chairpeople (is that a word?). This is a great resource to the clubs in the area and they have put on some great talks in the past. They have a lot to offer and once things start getting planned we will keep you all posted.

Have a great weekend and happy running!


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