2 comments on “Training for this week – 7th August

  1. Hi

    Do you have any beginners courses starting or can someone really out of practice come and join one of your slower groups on a Thursday?


    Jo Johnson


  2. Hi Jo,
    Sorry for the late reply. Everyone is welcome to come to Thursday club runs and Tuesday training sessions. The Tuesday sessions are designed so you can get what you need from it depending on your fitness rather than us all try to keep up with the fastest runner. I.e they might do 6 reps where I will manage 4. Thursday club runs have a few options. If you are out of practice there is usually a 12 min mile pace group that does a 4ish mile route with stops as needed. There are other pace groups that do less stops and usually go for about 6 miles.
    There aren’t any beginners courses imminently that I am aware of but we will post on the website when one is confirmed.
    Please get in touch if you have any further questions

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