Training week beginning 2nd October


Ladies and Gents it is now October – this means the winter training scheduele will begin.


Unless otherwise stated sessions will go from the Leisure Centre – no Castle Manor until next year now!

When: Tuesday 6:30pm

Where: Leisure Centre

Who: Andrew Bell

What: Reps – 500m, 500m, 350m reps


When: Tuesday 7:30pm

Where: meet at Leisure Centre

Who: Yusuf et al.

What: Falconer Road hill session – see Yusuf’s post for further details


When: Thursday 7pm

Where: Leisure Centre

Who: 8 min mile – Yusuf Firat, 9 min mile – Bill Banner, 10 min mile – Sil Clay, 12 min mile (with cut off) – Dave Greenham. We don’t have a pacer for 11 min mile – anyone up for it??? Also we need a ‘back runner’ or someone to ensure they are the last one! Please shout up. Remember all groups are running Winter Route 1. This means if you find you are srtuggling in a quicker group you can drop back and another group will be along shortly.

What: Club Run – Winter Route 1 –

Some info about the winter routes:

In the winter we will all run the same route. The routes are all on the website – see link above. This post will let you know which route it is but we plan for the first week of the month to have route 1, second week will be route 2 and so on.

PLEASE take some time to have a look and familiarise your self with the route. Leaders/pacers are there to ensure the pace is maintained and keep everyone loosely together. But runners need to have an idea of the route so you don’t get totally lost in the dark. There will be pace groups depending on who is available. Ideally these will all be run leaders but if you want to have a go at doing a pace please get in touch. We want to have a ‘back runner’ to ensure no one gets left behind – if you are available to do this now and again let us know.

Time trial weeks mean that route4 will get used less but we will try to keep it in rotation somehow. We may do the routes in reverse to keep a bit of variety but will let you know first.

Pacers please stick to the route of the week. For the sake of safety as it is now dark we need to ensure we know where people have gone and make sure no one gets lost.

For winter training and runs HI VIZ is a MUST!!! Please ensure you have something reflective or a light on you even if you are wearing a fluorescent top. Lots of club members have great, innovative gear with lights on – just ask and I’m sure they wil be happy to point you in the right direction. Lidl and Aldi are known for having decent winter stuff periodically. Hi Viz tabards are available from the club here:

Events this week:

8th October:

Martlesham 10K – SUFFOLK GP event

Wimpole 10M and Half

Peterborough Half

Have a great week

P.S Committee is meeting next week on Tuesday. Please get in touch if you would like something to be discussed.

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