HRC members – club run needs you!

Ok everyone – I have updated the training post to include pacers for this week. We currently only have Mark on 8 min mile and Dave on 12 min mile.
We have moved to set routes with the onus on runners to know the route and those leading are pacers more than leaders. Therefore we can open up the pacing role to non run leaders. Englan Athletics best practice is for a qulaified run leader to be heading up each run but there is a degree of flexibility around this.
So…would anyone like to have a go at pacing a group on Thursday night? We need someone to do 9 min mile, 10 min mile and/or 11 min mile.
Remember it is up to runners to know the route. If you are a pacer its also pretty useful to know the route!
Please comment if you want to give this a try – you don’t have to be to the milisecond but be able to keep around your target pace and be mindful of those that may be struggling. Runners if you are with someone trying to pace for the first time please be patient and supportive!
HRC members please help us to get the most our of club run that we can!!

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