Training – week beginning 13th November

When: Tuesday 6:30pm

Where: Leisure Centre

Who: Carol

What: 1k reps alternating between 10k and 5k pace with walk/jog recoveries. A real beast of a session but totally worth it!


When: Tuesday 7:30pm

Where: Meet at Leisure Centre

Who: Stephen, Bill, Paul, Dave and others!

What: Paired efforts at Chapple Drive – choose your partner wisely!!


When: Thursday 7pm

Where: Leisure Centre

Who: 8 min mile – Mark White, 9 min mile – , 10 min mile – Sil Clay, 11 min mile – Steve Miller, 12 min mile – Dave Greenham

What: Winter Route 3 – check route on the website.


Please do not forget your HI-VIZ. As there are so many of us it is really important for safety and also to set a good example to other runners out there!

NB: The committee will be meeting this week (Tuesday). Please get in touch if there is anything you want to be discussed. The AGM will be soon (5th December) and the info for this will be sorted out at this meeting and members informed ASAP.

Races this week:

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