Your 2017 HRC Award Winners…..

And the winners are…….🏆🏆🏆🏆

New member
Nominations Sarah Stuppell Alison Goodwin Lynnette Garstang Carl Oldford Josh Iron Alex Smith
Winners – Sarah & Josh

Most improved
Nominations Shirley Fowler Alison Goodwin Sarah Stuppell Paul BroughKevin Millard Tony Bacon
Winners – Alison & Tony

Impressive performance
Nominations Shirley Fowler Kelly Mepham Kirsty Millard Michael GilbertYusuf Firat Martin Lawrence
Winners – Shirley & Michael

Nominations Josh Wigmore Jed Randall Adam Everitt
Winner – Jed

Members Member
Nominations Bill Banner Yusuf Firat Dave Greenham Karen Martin
Winner – me!!

PB League winner Kevin Millard

Well done everyone!!

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