Training week beginning 20th November

Training this week:
When: Tuesday 6:30pm
Where: Leisure Centre
Who: Andrew
What: Chapple Drive paired efforts. Run down from leisure centre to warm up.
When: Tuesday 7:30pm
Where: Meet at Leisure Centre
Who: Yusuf
What: Timed intervals – pyramid style.
When: Thursday 7pm
Where: Leisure Centre
Who: 7ish progessive – Trev Bunch, 8min ish – Dave Edwards, 9 min mile – Carl Oldford, 10 min mile – Allison Austin, 11 min mile Steve Miller, 12 min mile Dave Greenham.
What: Winter Route 4 – check route on the website.
Please do not forget your HI-VIZ. As there are so many of us it is really important for safety and also to set a good example to other runners out there!
NB: Very soon the AGM info and some questionnaires will be sent to all members via email. They will also be posted on the website and Facebook. Please take the time to read and fill them in. They really help to shape the running of the club. Please attend the AGM if you can (7th December) for a round up of the club for the year, plans going forward and committee role elections.
Races this week:
26/11 Bass Belle 10M
26/11 Breckland Forest 10K
26/11 Rudolph 5K Fun Run Addenbrookes
26/11 Hatfield 5M

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