Training week beginning 27th November

Training this week:
When: Tuesday 6:30pm
Where: Leisure Centre
Who: Trev
What: As it is time trial week Trev has opened his session up to all members. He will be doing 800m reps (same loop as the 400m ones by the leisure centre) except you go round twice!! 60s recoveries. A great shake up on the usualy 400m route!
When: Tuesday 7:30pm
Where: Meet at Leisure Centre
Who: Yusuf
What: Long slow run in advance of time trial
When: Thursday 7:30pm **TIME CHANGE** (This week only)
Where: Leisure Centre
Who: Everyone!
What: Time Trial – our latest beginners will be finishing their course with this time trial! See Annette’s post (or email her) for more info. Please do come a long and give them some moral support – that first time trial is pretty scary! Please speak to Stephen Reyes if you want to buddy up. It would be great to have as many people as possible around to cheer them in too!
Please do not forget your HI-VIZ. This is very very important. The mesh vests are cheap and do the job. Something reflective please. Then feel free to decorate yourself like a Christmas tree with shoe lights/armbands etc but you MUST be wearing some kind of HI-VIZ. NO HIZ VIZ – NO RUN!!!!
We would also like to recommend the use of head torches where possible. This is not compulsory and may not always be practical but some areas of our runs get very dark (there seem to be a lot of street lights not working too). Some members have some excellent ones so please chat to them to see where they got them from. Off the top of my head Trev, Yusuf and Sil all have really good ones.
Please don’t forget to fill in the survey from the AGM invite! Remember it is on Thursday 7th December at 8pm. Please come if you are able.
Races this week:
2/12 Festive Forest Challenge 20M, Half Marathon & 10K
3/12 Woodbridge Cross Country (see the event page here!!!
3/12 Bedford Half Marathon

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