Suffolk County Cross Country Championships


OK – if you have let me know you are interested then thanks very much! I’ve looked at the entry process and spoken to the people organising it. Instead of me entering you YOU need to enter yourself please!!! Then let me know you have entered and I can put you on a team! Is this ok for everyone. You still run as an individual but also your team will have a result too.
The easiest way I can see this is if you send me your 5 and 10k PB times and we will work from the fastest onwards. If we do not have enough to make full teams we can look again later this week.
So please go to the following page and ENTER BY 17th December.
Entry is £8 but if you show me proof of entry then the club will refund this to you!!!
If you have any problems please let me know.



Original post

Hello everyone! We are sending some teams to the cross country county championships. By default it is a fast and competitive event. Of course anyone can enter but as it is the championships I ask anyone to look at the previous years times and judge how they would get on.

It would be really great to have a team to rival some of the other teams that will be put forward. I will tag some people who I wonder if they may be interested? Please don’t take offence if you are not tagged. This based on times. I love xc but will not be competing!!
I will enter the teams. All you need to do is tell me you want to have a go!!

Male races: Race distance: 12km
Time: 13:50
Last years fastest time: 39:19 (seniors), 44:47 (V40)
Last years last time: 76:18, 69:46 (V45)
Six men to a team – 4 will score

Female Races:
Race distance: 8km
Time: 13:10
Last years fastest time: 30:38 (seniors), 30:50 (V45)
Last years last time: 58:32
Four ladies to a team – 3 will score

Entry is £8 each

Seniors: born on or before 31/12/1998
U20s: born between 01/01/1999 and 31/08/2000
There are also categories for 11-17ys – if you want more info please ask

Entry criteria for anyone:
England Athletics registered
Resident in Suffolk, born in Suffolk or a member of the armed forces.
In the past people who aren’t Suffolk residents have competed under other addresses……..I couldn’t possibly say I’d turn a blind eye 😊😊🙄🙄
First claim HRC runner. If you aren’t first claim please speak to Stephen Reyes if you want to change.

You need to let me know by Monday 11th December if you want to compete.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Here is the link to the Facebook event:

If you aren’t on facebook please contact me directly at

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