Training week beginning 18th December

PLEASE REMEMBER TO WEAR HI-VIZ ESPECIALLY DURING POOR WEATHER. This is important for everyones safety. If you need some we have plenty spare hi-viz tabards. Please let someone know ahead of time.

When: Tuesday 6:30pm

Where: Leisure Centre

What: Reps along the railway track – going to leave this broad for now due to the weather. If it ices over we may have to head to Falconer Road again as that’s the only well gritted area.

Who: Andrew

When: Tuesday 7:30pm

Where: Leisure Centre

What: Chapple Drive – sounds like there may be some extras in store!

Who: Yusuf

When: Thursday 7pm

Where: Leisure Centre

What: SANTA RUN!! Don’t forget your festive outfits! Andrew Bell will be posting the final details as there are some slight changes.

Who: leader – Andrew. Back runner – Hayley
Races this week:

Anyone know of anything happening this week?

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