Training Week Beginning 5th March

PLEASE REMEMBER TO WEAR HI-VIZ ESPECIALLY DURING POOR WEATHER. This is important for everyones safety. If you need some we have plenty spare hi-viz tabards. Please let someone know ahead of time.
When: Tuesday 6:30pm
Where: MEET AT ROOKWOOD WAY – as always anyone is welcome to run up to the training location from the Lesiure Centre but the session will start at 6:30pm from Rookwood Way – see link with map at the bottom of the training page.
Why? To allow runners who may be running late to still get to the session or runners that may not feel they can manage the run there, training and back. As we have said before – it’s your session – run how you feel works best for you.
What: Out and back reps with a focus on pacing throughout
Who: Andrew Bell will lead with support from Craig Ladley and Mark White
When: Tuesday 7:15-20pm
Where: Leisure Centre
What: Pyramid session
Who: Bill Banner, Paul Brough, Dave Greenham
When: Thursday 7pm
Where: Leisure Centre
Club run – winter route 2
Who: TBC
Races this week:
11/03 Fritton Lake Cross Country
11/03 Haverhill Running Festival Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 1.5 mile fun run
11/03 Thetford Forest Hoohaah

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