17 PB’s at Cambridge Half!

We had an amazing 51 runners, who completed the Cambridge Half Marathon on Sunday and there were amazingly 17 PB’s!
First in for Haverhill was Michael Gilbert running 1:17:11 in 47th place out of 7044 finishers! Next was Steve Mason not far off his PB in 1:19:41 and 81st place. Alex Smith was first in his age group (Under 20)! He was 118th overall and got a PB of 1:21:44. Martin Lawrence had a good run finishing in 1:24:38, he was 10th in his age category (50-54) out of 406!
David Percy got a massive PB, taking over 3minutes off his previous best to finish in 1:28:12. Not far behind was Westley Walker who also took over 3 minutes off his previous best to record 1:28:34. Lee Brown got a PB of 1:30:55. Mary Ann Tuli was our first lady to finish. She ran 1:35:42 and was 7th in her age category (45-49) out of 422! Marc Benson got his 3rd PB of the year and is now joint top of the PB league. He took 3 and a half minutes off his previous best! Carl Oldford took over a minute off his previous best with 1:52:27. Cheryl Trundle was 3rd in her age category (60-64) 1:52:30. Michaela Cowell got a PB, running a whopping 4min58secs quicker than last year! Ross Arnold ran 1:56:15, almost 2 minutes quicker than his previous best. Brigitte Heard ran under 2 hours for the first time 1:59:04. Steve Oglesby got close to breaking the 2hr barrier, he took one minute off his best to finish in 2:00:38. Carol Blisswas nearly 4 minutes quicker than last year with her 2:07:43! Karen Smyth Grant took an amazing 13 minutes 12 seconds off her best, running 2:10:08! Daniel Everitt ran 2:10:25 taking nearly 4 minutes off his best!New member Peter Russell beat his PB by just over 3 minutes 2:13:40. Ellen Williams beat her last time by 4 minutes, finishing in 2:14:17! Josh Iron ran 2:18:49 knocking 1:42 off his previous best. Nicola King ran 1:31 quicker than her last half to finish in a PB time of 2:36:06. Paul J Sherritt ran his quickest Cambridge Half. He ran 2:10:20, which was 13 minutes quicker than when he ran it 2 years ago! Finally Sil Clay ran an excellent 1:56:26 on day 65 of her running streak!

The rest of the results and PB league can be found in the following links:




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