Training Week Beginning 12th March

PLEASE REMEMBER TO WEAR HI-VIZ ESPECIALLY DURING POOR WEATHER. This is important for everyones safety. If you need some we have plenty spare hi-viz tabards. Please let someone know ahead of time.
When: Tuesday 6:30pm
Where: Leisure Centre then to Falconer Road
What: Reps working on managing your pace and effort for a full session
Who: Dave Edwards with support from Stuart Shepherd
It’s great to have Dave back in the role of leading sessions. He is an extremely accomplished runner and is pretty good at running ultra distances! Dave’s approach to running will give you a good work out along with plenty to think about too! Please come along and show your support!
When: Tuesday 7:15-20pm
Where: Leisure Centre then Falconer Road
What: Hill work – see Yusufs post
Who: Bill Banner, Paul Brough, Dave Greenham, Stephen Reyes, Yusuf Firat
When: Thursday 7pm
Where: Leisure Centre
Club run – winter route 3
Who: TBC
Races this week:
18/03 Oakley 20M
18/03 Stowmarket Half Marathon
18/03 The Grizzly – Seaton, Devon

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