Craig Sisson 35th in Grizzly!

Well done to all 21 Haverhill runners who completed the Grizzly Cub 10 Mile race last Sunday, in what looks like horrendous conditions! There was supposed to be a 20mile race too, but conditions were so bad that they decided to cancel the 20 mile race and make everyone do the 10.
Craig Sisson had a brilliant race, completing the snowy course in 1:13:34, and coming in 35th place out of 1267 finishers!
Shirley Fowler was our first female to finish, coming 668th in 1:49:57.
The Oakley 20 mile race and Stowmarket Half Marathon were also cancelled due to the bad weather.
On Saturday Paul Krause had his first parkrun victory at the Clare Castle parkrun, running 20:35. James Stubbs came 2nd at the Haverhill parkrun 23:00. Ross Arnold came 6th 26:31.
Check out the rest of the grizzly results here:
Check out the other parkrun results here:

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