Gilbert wins Haverhill Cross Country Race!

Michael Gilbert came first in the Haverhill Cross Country race at the Golf Club. I think he’s the first Haverhill man to ever win a Suffolk Winter League Cross Country Race!

In the London Landmarks Half Marathon, Glenn Fruish was our first runner to finish. He ran 1:48:30 and was 40th in his age category out of 175! Next in was Ross Arnold he came 2008th out of 9864 finishers! He ran 1:53:11 and beat his previous best by over 3 minutes! That was his 3rd PB of this year, and he is now joint top of the PB league!
Michelle Brazier Gardner knocked over 4 minutes off her previous best! She ran 2:05:49 and was 200th out of 862 in her age category. Fran Williams was 101st out of 519 in her age group 2:05:58. Lynnette Garstang successfully completed her first half marathon in 2:57:54.

In the Colchester Half Marathon Jack Tappin ran 1:42:42. He was 498th out of 2782 finishers! Joanne Rosenwold came 1488th in 2:03:47.

Paul Krause came 3rd in the Clare Castle parkrun 19:23. Yusuf Firat came 7th 21:11. Paul James Game finished 3rd in the Haverhill parkrun with the same time as Yusuf 21:11. Sam Boreham came 5th at the Barry Island parkrun 19:44.

Check out the rest of the results and PB league in the following links:


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