Training Week Beginning 26th March


PLEASE REMEMBER TO WEAR HI-VIZ ESPECIALLY DURING POOR WEATHER. This is important for everyones safety. If you need some we have plenty spare hi-viz tabards. Please let someone know ahead of time.

When: Tuesday 6:30pm

Where: Holmefield Road. Session starts from here at 6:30! If you wish to run up please allow time to get there for session starting!

What: Gear changes and maintaining a rhythm

Who: Kelly Mepham with support from Cheryl Trundle and Joan Nevin


When: Tuesday 7:15-20pm

Where: Leisure Centre then Holmefield Road

What: V02 max work – see Yusufs post

Who: Bill Banner, Paul Brough, Dave Greenham, Stephen Reyes, Yusuf Firat


When: Thursday 7:30

Where: Leisure Centre

What: Time Trial!! This months time trial is a special one! Our beginners are doing their 5k challenge! Medals for all!! Come along and join your HRC buddies for a very special time trial.

Races this week:
30/03 Sudbury Fun Run

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