Training Week Beginning 2nd April

PLEASE REMEMBER TO WEAR HI-VIZ ESPECIALLY DURING POOR WEATHER. This is important for everyones safety. If you need some we have plenty spare hi-viz tabards. Please let someone know ahead of time.
When: Tuesday 6:30pm
Where: Leisure centre and railway walk
What: Threshold work – 6 min tempo blocks. What is your tempo pace? Comfortably uncomfortable!! You can manage about three words at a time!
Who: Andrew Bell with support from Craig Ladley
When: Tuesday 7:15-20pm
Where: Leisure Centre
What: TBC
Who: TBC
When: Thursday 7:00
Where: Leisure Centre
What: Winter route 1.
Remember pacers are for keeping pace – it is up to each runner to know the route! If you find you are way ahead or behind then hopefully our system of different pace groups will help this. Do not worry – if you try moving up a group but it is too much there will be another along to pick you up soon!! If we have enough pacers we will have two for the larger groups but this may not always be possible. You don’t have to be a run leader to help out with pacing so if you would like to give it a go please let us know!
Races this week:
7/04 Olympic Park 10K
8/04 Sandy 10M
8/04 Bungay Marathon/Half Marathon/10K – remember the Bungay Half is the next event in the Suffolk Grand Prix!!!!

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