HRC Grand Prix Update

Haverhill Running Club Annual Grand Prix update 👇👇👇👇👇

Our grand prix event is well underway, with all the results now processed i can confirm after 4/17 events our current leaders are….

Mens league table. Daniel Everitt leads with 155.83 points with Michael Gilbert 2nd with 151.70

In the ladies event Fran Williams leads with 190.61 with Alison Goodwin 2nd notching up 105.99 points.

The highest scorers so far this year is Cheryl Trundle with an impressive 80.21 which is county standard by way…. and Martin Lawrence with 81.98.

Remember the top 3 men and ladies will win a prize at the awards dinner and the overall winner of the event will have the name engraved on the club trophy!

5 thoughts on “HRC Grand Prix Update

    • Yes there is. I will post it shortly. I will also upload the current league table once ive updated the members list. Bear with me.

    • 100 is the world record. Top atheletes at national level will score in the 90s, or late 80s. High 70s to low 80s is considered county standard. Which is highly impressive. 👌🏼

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