Results round up

There were some fantastic performances by Haverhill last week. In the Kevin Henry race at Impington, we had an amazing 81 runners running! The mens team finished in 2nd place! Michael Gilbert was 3rd in 15:59. Alex Smith was 9th in 16:52. This was a PB and improves his 4th place on the club records by 9 seconds. Also breaking 17 minutes for the first time was Peter Miller. He came 12th in 16:56, which moves him to 5th on the club records. Tony Bacon was 20th in 17:37 and Andrew Bell was 26th in 17:57. Michael Dennison ran a PB of 19:16. Josh Iron ran a 17 second PB 27:16. Bryn Stuppell ran a PB of 31:26.
The ladies team finished in 5th place. Kelly Mepham had a great run, running 19:39 and was 5th lady. Morgane Bgg was our next female to finish in 36th place in 24:03. Michelle Haynes ran 24:38 in 44th place. Cheryl Trundle was 47th in 24:45 and Sirkka Love was 60th in 25:37.
The combined scores mean we’re 3rd overall in the league.
In the London Marathon we had 17 runners complete the race! There were some great performances in very hot conditions, in fact the hottest London Marathon on record!
Andy Quick was our first runner in, running 3:20:35. Kirsty Millard was our first female in, she did 4:27:30 helping PB King Kevin Millard run 4:27:25 an amazing 18 minute PB!
Jacqueline Hewitt also got a PB 5:10:07. The rest of our successful finishers were: Martin Lawrence, David Percy, Mark White, Yusuf Firat, Tony Gooding, Benn Handley, Steve Oglesby, Darrel Buckley, Joanne Rosenwold, Fran Williams, Joan Nevin, Ellen Williams and Amanda Freemantle.
In the Vienna Marathon the temperature was even hotter! 30C! It was so hot Shirley Fowler had to go and buy a can of coke from a shop during the race! She finished in 4:13:18 and Michelle Brazier Gardner finished in 5:30:20. They warmed up for the race by running the Vienna 10K, which was the evening before!
Tony Bacon came in first and smashed the course record at the Haverhill parkrun 18:31. Paul James Game came 4th at the Clacton parkrun 19:44. There were 3 PB’s at the Lowestoft parkrun! Sarah Stuppell ran 33:58 beating her previous best by 47 seconds! Adam Everitt beat his PB by 23 seconds 26:56, and Daniel Everitt beat his PB by 20 seconds 25:33.
Check out the results, PB league and Club Records in the following links:

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