Good week for Bacon.

Tony Bacon has had a good week. He came in first in the club 5K time trial in 17:25 on Thursday night, and then came 3rd in the Childerley Hoohaah 10K on Sunday in 39:27.
Andy Quick amazingly got a PB in the time trial, just a few days after running the London Marathon! Taking 14 seconds off his previous best, he finished 2nd in 18:27. Marc Benson got his 4th PB of the year running 20:55, 17 seconds better than his previous best. This moves him to joint 2nd in the PB league. Joining him in joint 2nd place is Josh Iron. He got a 21 second PB and finished in 26:55. Melanie Mansfield got a 20 second PB, 27:02. Morgane Bgg took 22 seconds off her best, 23:36. Danielle Pettiford knocked 44 seconds off her PB, 32:24. Kellie Garrod also took a big chunk off her PB, 45 seconds in fact, 33:19. Jane Jamieson 34:29 and Nicholas Clay 25:34 also got PB’s.
At the Grass Snake 12M, Shirley Fowler and Michelle Brazier Gardner were both 2nd in their age groups. In the Viper 15M Josh Iron, Horace Shuriah and Yusuf Firat enjoyed running together all finishing in 3:02:20.
HRC dominated the Haverhill parkrun on Saturday. Shirley Fowler was first lady 24:30. Paul James Game was 2nd 20:08 and Martin Lawrence was 3rd 20:11. Kristina Bright ran her quickest parkrun 27:59.
In the Great Notley parkrun, Jan Walker took 15 seconds off her best.
Check out the results & PB league in the following links:

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