Flying Bacon

There were so many races last week, and Tony Bacon ran most of them! He started off on Wed 2nd May by going under 10 minutes for 3000m for the first time! He ran 9:55 on the track at Watford. The next day he ran the Newmarket Heath race which is approximately 6K in 22:15 and 18th place. Then on Saturday the 5th May he ran the Olympic Park 10K in 37:07 in 5th place. Finally on Monday 7th May, he finished 5th at the Ashdon 10K running 39:12 on a tough course! I feel tired just writing about it!
Richard Morgan-Evans also did well at the Newmarket Heath race. He was 7th overall in 20:33 and was 1st in the Male Stable and Stud category!
At the Olympic Park 10K Yusuf Firat was 3rd in his age category 43:01.
One 6th May Jamie Randall ran the Fen Drayton 10K, 30th in 43:59. On the same day Shirley Fowler was 3rd in her age category at the Alton Water 10K, 49:59. Another on the same day was the High Easter 10K. Jo Hammond got a 58 second PB here! She ran 58 minutes exactly. Also on the 6th was the Milton Keynes Rocket 5K. Ross Arnold got a PB here by 20 seconds, running 22:34. This increases Ross’s lead at the top of the PB league, he now has 6! Incredibly this was the day before he ran the Marathon too! Nicola King was our first runner to finish in the GEAR 10K 1:11:47. Ashley Proctor was our first one in at the Thurston 10K 1:01:38.
Then on the 7th of May there were 5 more races! This must be a record for the most amount of races ran by HRC in a week! Jack Tappin ran the Milton Keynes Half Marathon 1:53:53. Ross Arnold was our first runner to finish in the Milton Keynes Marathon 4:52:12.
Benji Darken finished 4th in the Ashdon 3K, 11:15. Andrew Bell came 6th in the Ashdon 10K 39:27. Cheryl Trundle was 6th Female 55:33.
At the Breckland 10K Simba Kazhanje, was first HRC in 42:03 and 30th place.
At the Haverhill parkrun Alex Smith smashed the course record by 49 seconds! He ran 17:42. Rachel Darvill was 6th Female at the Clare Castle parkrun 22:34.

Check out how everyone else did on the results page here:

Check out the PB league here:


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