Training week beginning 28th May

When: Tuesday 6:30pm
Where: Castle Manor school field, Eastern Ave, Haverhill CB9 9JE
If you haven’t been before head into the grounds from Eastern Ave, follow round to the car park at the very back and you will see the entrance to the fields on the left. Meet here and all sessions will start at 6:30pm.
Who: Stuart and Mark
What: BINGO!!
Welcome back to an old favourite!! If you haven’t done it before it is great fun! Runners are split into mixed ability teams and you need to collect your cones before the other teams!! Its a game of tactics and running! Doesn’t matter what your ability is – everyone has a role in the team!
Stuart and Mark are going to be leading their first session so be nice! Come and show them some support!
There are some biting creatures hiding at Castle Manor – as it gets further into summer bug spray would be a good idea!!
When: Tuesday 7:30pm
What: Community running group – See Yusuf’s post
When: Thursday 7:00pm
Where: Leisure Centre start
Who: Everyone!!
What: Time Trial!
How have you improved this month? Try your first 5k to get an idea of baseline! Support a friend round! Pace a beginner! Pace a friend! You can get out of it what ever works for you!
Things to consider when we are out further a field:
Bring water if it is hot! There is less chance of getting hold of some in the middle of a field than in town!
Trail shoes may be useful especially if it has been raining – that happens now and again in England! 🙄😫 But they are not essential – it’s up to you
Please try to wear bright/hi-viz clothing
Pacers/leaders please carry a mobile phone in case of any problems
Pacers/leaders please try to stick to pace but all runners need to be aware this can be more variable off road!
Any questions please let us know. This isn’t hard-core off roading so if you haven’t done a summer route before please don’t worry – come along and enjoy Thursday runs!
Is 6:30 or 7pm too late for you to run?
You may also want to consider the small but perfectly formed 6:00pm group led by Shirley Fowler – another of our qualified coaches. They meet at the Leisure Centre each week.
The 6pm group follow this plan each session:
run between 8-11 min miles, Tuesday we do 3-4 miles ( and incorporate training in the run e.g hills or speed) Thursday is a little faster run with less stops 5-7 miles and off road in summer. All abilities are welcome to come give us a go.
Races this week:
01/06 Kirton Friday 5M
02/06 Olympic Park 10K
03/06 The Flaming June Half Marathon & Quarter Marathon

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