Championship Update

Its All change at the top of the championship table.

Jamie Randall sits pretty on top until the Newmarket 10k results are added where Michael Gilbert will overtake.

Ross Arnold sneaks in 3rd but has allready used his bonus race and in the ladies competion Michaela Cowell takes 1st place after 5 races, with two remaining and Maria Reed half a point away in second. Grace Judge keeps 3rd spot with a race in hand on the top two with Kristina Bright popping in the top 10 for the first time.

I am now taking your bonus races, any race marathon, half or kevin henry race, but you must tell me before you race it, and i wil add it to the bonus section.

Just to recap, top 6 races will score, plus your extra bonus race, if you let me know before hand, making the maximum number of races anyone can score 7.

Full table to uploaded to the website once all the new members have been added. Good luck 🙏

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