KH Kedington Helpers!

Kevin Henry Senior Race

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help. Please see below for your allocated job and what you need to do on the day

Marshals please report to Horace Shuriah at the meadow in Kedington no later than 6:30pm for your briefing.

Senior race
Marshal position
1 – Andy Brown’s wife
2- Bill Banner
3 – Horace
4 – Lisa Dove (Ian Elden)
5 – Mat Vickery
6 – Danielle Pettiford
7 – Dave Mansfield & Danielle Pettiford’s husband
8 – Hedley Reynolds
9 – Teresa Franklin’s husband
10 – Sandra Hiscox’s husband
11 – Caroline Duckworth
12 – Cayley Cox

Car Park – please report to Bill Banner by 6pm
Bill Banner
Martin Lawrence
Vic Woodley
Peter Miller (bottom pending 😅)

The following please report to me by 6:30pm

Water Table 1
Mel Mansfield Mum
Mel Mansfield Sister
Katie Ditchman

Water Table 2 (top of cock hill)
Lynnette Garstang
Jade White
Alison White

Time keepers
Annette Hall’s husband

Alison Arnold
Emma Louise Brown’s husband

Jo Johnson

Last Runner
Clare Everitt

I still need another time keeper if anyone can help 🙏

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