Tuesday Training – changes

** Tuesday Training is Changing **

This evening was the last summer training session at Castle Manor and from next Tuesday will move to our winter training venues (look out on the website and Facebook for more info coming soon) but there will be a difference…

Yellow Group – for the intermediate and beginner runners who are looking to improve by getting faster and running further as well as working on technique. This group will be led by current coaches and run leaders Andrew Bell, Kelly Mepham, Mark White, Cheryl Trundle & David Edwards

Blue Group – for experienced runners who can comfortably run sub 24 min 5k (Male and female) and want to improve not only their times but their technique and get the very best out of their training. This group will be led by Trev Bunch

A lot of thought and planning has gone into this change, recognising that we currently meet the needs of the majority but also recognising as a club that we can do more to support our more competitive runners.

The Committee & coaches hope that you will also embrace this change and we are prepared to take on some feedback at the AGM in December about what’s working well, what’s not and what can be improved for next year

Look out for details later this week about specific venues and session details 👀

Thank you 😊

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