October Time Trial Volunteers needed please

Morning everyone, with Thurlow fast approaching Clare has her hands tied at the moment, I have agreed to run Time Trial this month!

Here goes, Time Trial is on 25th October and will start at 19:00 (7PM) @ Haverhill Leisure Centre be sure to get down for 10 to for briefing especially if new to TT!


Please can I have:

Finishing Tokens

Marshall – Car park x 2

Marshall – Track meets Manor Road

Marshall – Bridge over Wratting Road

Marshall – Track meets Howe Road

Marshall – Howe Road turn to Arendene Road

Marshall – Arendene Road back to the track

Pacers – let me know if you either would like to pace at a certain time or to be paced for a certain time and I will see if I can match you up for a nice goal or PB!

This is to run at a core team, I can always do with a couple more too!

We also have the cheer squad area up the side of the sports centre! 📣🎉

Thanks for everyone’s continued support for these events! 👍🏻👏🏻

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