Training week beginning 15th October


Yellow Group
When: Tuesday, 6:30pm
Where: Leisure Centre then Mace Hill (behind leisure
Who: Kelly Mepham
What: hills hills hills!!

Blue Group (sub 24 min 5k runners)
When: Tuesday 6:30pm
Where: Leisure centre then Falklands Road
Who: Trev Bunch
What: Kenyan Hills


When: Thursday 7:00pm
Where: Leisure Centre
What: Winter route 3
PLEASE WEAR HI VIZ for all sessions. We would also highly recommend a head torch


Also available
6pm group from leisure centre
7:30pm community group on Tuesday from leisure centre

3 thoughts on “Training week beginning 15th October

  1. When does the beginners group start day or night

    Get Outlook for iOS


  2. If someone could get back to me with dates of the start of beginners running club thanks


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