Training week beginning 29th October


Tuesday 6:30pm

Yellow group

Who: Stu Sheppherd

What: 400m reps

Where: Leisure Centre

Blue Group – sub 24 min 5k

Who: Trev Bunch

What: 600m and 500m reps

Where: Leisure centre then to Chapple Drive

Please wear hi viz. A watch and head torch will help but not compulsoryΒ 


When: Thursday 7:00pmΒ 

Where: Leisure Centre

Who: pacers tbc

What: Club Run Winter route 1


When: Thursday 7:00pm

Where: Leisure centre meet

Who: Andrew Bell

What: cross country training!! Each year Andrew does a few xc training sessions to help get you familiar with the differences and techniques that are involved with running a xc race. These will normally be on a Saturday morning but this one is on Thursday to get a session in before Thursday. Andrew is an excellent xc runner and has a lot of passion and knowledge in the area so come a long and see what it’s like!! You don’t need to have done it before!Β

PLEASE WEAR HI VIZ for all sessions. We would also highly recommend a head torch


Also availableΒ 

6pm group from leisure centre

7:30pm community group on Tuesday from leisure centre

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