PB’s for Sisson, Rosenwold & Thompson

Not many HRC runners raced at the weekend, but 3 out of the 4 that did got PB’s! Craig Sisson had a great run in the Beccles 10 mile Turkey Trot he finished in 22nd place, in a PB time of 1:02:50, he took 1:22 off his previous best!
Joanne Rosenwold also got a PB in the Turkey Trot, even though she was full of cold and didn’t fancy running the hilly windy course. She ran 1:33:23, 1:11 better than her previous best.
Louise Thompson got a massive Pb at the Bolsover 10K. She ran 1:01:50, taking over 8 minutes off her previous best!
Shirley Fowler ran the Lanzarote Marathon in 4:15:36, her 71st Marathon!
Polly Wells was first female in the Pymmes parkrun 25:29. In the Clacton parkrun, Paul Game was 3rd 19:57.
Alison Goodwin was 1st female again at the Clare Castle parkrun 24:59. Chris Hawkins was 2nd overall 20:21.
In the Haverhill parkrun Paul Murkin was 2nd 20:17 and Sarah Murkin was 2nd female 27:33.

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