HRC out in force this week!!

HRC out in force!!!

Tarpley 10 and 20 mile was the event to be at this week with 57 runners from the club travelling over to Beyton for the Suffolk Grand Prix race. In the 10 mile event Andrew Bell was first home for the club in 59:22! He was 3rd overall and 1st in the MV40 category. This would have put him 5th on the club records if he didn’t already hold the top spot! In second place for MV40 was Dave Percy coming in 14th overall in 1:04:58, a 3:29 minute PB!. Martin Lawrence came 2nd in the MV50 category finishing in 1:06:09. Paul Game (19th, 1:06:12) arrived home next followed by Wesley Walker (25th, 1:08:03), Antony Green (26th, 1:08:04), Luke Withers (30th, 1:09:05) which was over a 7 minute PB, Jamie Randall (37th, 1:11:07) also grabbed a 2:30 minute PB, Lee Brown (38th, 1:11:21), Daniel Pelling (43rd, 1:12:02) who ran a PB and Kevin Millard in 58th (1:15:04). Mary Ann Tuli was first HRC lady home with a time of 1:15:53, finishing 2nd in FV45 and 63rd overall. Tracy Quarrell was the next HRC lady home and 3rd in the FV45 category with a time of 1:18:18 (80th overall) in her first ten mile race. She was closely followed by Marc Benson (84th, 1:19:17) and John Nevin (115th, 1:23:00). Theresa Franklin achieved 3rd in the FV55 age category (144th, 1:26:05) with Cheryl Trundle (146th, 1:26:08) hot on her heels and finishing 1st in FV65+. Dan Knight (148th, 1:26:47) was the next HRC runner home, followed by Graham Dixon (149th, 1:26:46) who finished one second faster?! Polly Wells (156th) ran a five minute PB with a time of 1:27:22. Following Polly was Steve Butler (188th, 1:31:37), Kym Cromarty-Reader (190th, 1:31:37), Clair Gale (211th, 1:35:31) in her first ten miler, Horace Shuriah (213th, 1:35:13), Dan Everitt (214th, 1:35:24) which was a massive 11:30 PB, Courtney Firman (218th, 1:36:04), Grace Judge (220th, 1:36:25), Lee Taylor (233rd, 1:38:09), Maria Reed (245th, 1:40:41), Naomi Shelmerdine (252nd, 1:43:01) in her first ten mile event, Jo Vickery (266th, 1:44:42), Dawn Dixon (267th, 1:45:08), Keeley White (283, 1:48:52) which was a 6 minute PB, Della Johnson (288th, 1:50:45) who was also running ten miles for the first time, Bryn Stuppell (289th, 1:50:44) and Nicola King (291st, 1:51:08) who got a 1:35 min PB. Joan Nevin (296th, 1:52:50)had a great race to finish third in the FV65+ category. Sarah Camfield (300th, 1:52:58) was running a ten mile race for the first time and was eight seconds behind Joan, followed by Sandra Hiscox (306th, 1:55:37), Bev Reynolds (307th, 1:55:38) and Josh Iron (313th, 1:56:41). Emma Louise Brown (316th, 1:58:30) ran a PB by 3 and a half minutes bringing her under the two hour mark. Char Green (2:00:58) finished in 321st position followed by Sally Johnston (324th, 2:02:30) who had a great run in her first ten miler with her husband Graeme and finished in the same time. Louise Harris (332nd, 2:10:22) made her 10 mile debut along with Gina Hickey (335th, 2:12:28) and Lynette Garstang (336th, 2:12:28).

In the 20 mile event Ian Longland (55th)was first HRC runner home with a PB time of 2:26:40. Mark White (2:29:44) had a great run finishing in 64th for a new PB, followed by Yusuf Firat (2:31:23) in 66th and 2nd MV55. Kirsty Millard grabbed another PB this week, finished 2nd FV35 AND made another entry into the club records. Her time of 2:31:29 puts her in the top spot by nearly three minutes!! Tony Gooding joined her with a matching time and PB and finished in 69th. James Stubbs (2:38:50) finished in 88th followed by Steve Oglesby (206th, 3:10:55), Ross Arnold (242nd, 3:17:54) and Sil Clay (246th, 3:18:54).

Horace Shuriah also ran a 50km ultra on Saturday 23rd Feb, finishing in under 7 hours!!

Our junior section ran at Motts Field this week in misty conditions!
In the 3K distance Benji Phillips finished in 12:13, Sorren Spall had a great run finishing in 13:24, George Noakes ran in 14:42 – a new PB, newcomer Sophie Russell made her debut in 17:08 and Charlotte Hulyer finished in 18:57.

At parkrun this week Naomi Shelmerdine (163rd, 28:03) warmed up for Tarpley 10 at Cambridge by getting a 1:47 min PB. Kim Mcginley (163rd, 30:06) went south to Valentines parkrun whilst Joaquin Monteiro (186th, 29:10) had a great run at his regular spot of Bury St Edmunds. Fiona Tideswell claimed the first lady spot at Wimpole Estate with a time of 21:41. At Clare Castle Chris Hawkins finished 3rd (20:20). Luke Withers (35th, 26:54) paced Clare Everitt to a well deserved PB, knocking 5 seconds off for a new PB of 26:54. Kevin Jamieson (25:29) was one second off his parkrun PB, finishing in 24th. Cheryl Eden (70th) also ran a new parkrun best with a time of 30:48.

Shirley Fowler was over in Dublin and ran the Poppintree parkrun (24th, 23:20) and finished 1st in her age category. Char Green (209th, 34:44) and Nicola King (282nd, 32:11) headed to Bishops Stortford to Castle parkrun. The Hammett-Ridsdales – Sara (169th, 29:48) and Andrew (261st, 35:33) were also down south for the Mole Valley parkrun.

Closer to home at Haverhill parkrun Paul Murkin (19:43) finished in 3rd. Sarah Murkin was first HRC lady back in 25:44 and 22nd position. Alison Smith got herself a new PB by coming in 29th position with a time of 28:47. Also running at Haverhill this week were Louise Thompson (34th, 30:50), Lisa Haworth (35th, 31:02), Ross Arnold (44th, 33:49) and Kirsty Millard (46th, 34:22) with Dougie (42nd, 33:47) and Freddie (45th, 34:21), Karina Hunt (50th, 34:36) and Kevin Millard (51st, 35:03).

At Coldhams Common Terry Braverman (258th, 34:38) ran a well earned PB – his first for 23 years!


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