Haverhill Cross Country jobs

Haverhill XC job list

Sunday 24th March – Castle Manor School, Eastern Avenue, Haverhill

Carpark: Bryn Stuppell, Bill Banner, Nigel Chapman

Registrations: Jamie Wilson

RD and funnel: Hayley Wilson

Refreshments: Clare Everitt, Sarah Stuppell and crew

Junior Last Runner: Karen Martin

Senior Last Runner: Graeme Johnston

Course marshalls:

1: Andrew Martin, 2: Alison Clark, 3: Kelly Ryan (Trish Ryan), 4: Dave Greenham, 5: Ruth Bayne, 6: Sally Johnston, 7: Stephen Miller, 8: Ross Arnold, 9: Jane Jamieson, 10: Trev Bunch, 11: Grace Judge, 12: Sil Clay, 13: Debbie Hartshorn, 14: Nigel Chapman,
Water station: Bill Banner and Nick Clay
Still seeking: one or two people to do finish tickets! Please let me know if you can help.

Car park marshals and anyone else available please arrive by 8:30. Marshal briefing is at 9:45, please arrive for 9:30. All marshals please dress for the weather and carry a mobile phone.

Races are at 10:40 and 11:00

I think that covers things for now. Marshals will all get specific instructions on the day. Please contact me or Andrew with any queries.

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