HRC goes off road again!

This weekend was mainly dominated by the event which is simply known as “The Grizzly”. 20 miles which includes shingle beaches, streams, bogs, steep climbs/drops and stunning views! 28 club members made the trip to Seaton, 26 running the full Grizzly and 2 running the 10 mile Cub route. While most people enjoyed the route, 2 outstanding performances were from Steve Mason and Craig Sisson who finished in an outstanding 2.46:52 53rd and 2.48:04 60th respectively !

Inter Counties XC 
Ben Phillips from our juniors team made the trip to Loughborough to represent Suffolk after qualifying for a place! Ben finished in a superb 14:23! A name to look out for in the future…

Thetford Hoohaah 10k
5 members entered this race in the Hoohaah series. Ross Arnold finished in a new pb time of 46:32 knocking 3:01mins off of his previous weeks pb!

Malden Half Marathon, MA, USA
Susie Covey put aside the freezing cold weather conditions and the unearthly early start time (6am I believe, allowing for time differences) to finish the 13.1 miles in 1.41:32. Susies best time in 12yrs !

Fritton Lake XC
6 seniors and 1 junior made the epic trip for the penultimate round of the winter XC League. Battling strong winds and rain, Ian Elden finished 1st for HRC’S men’s team with Sirkka Love bringing home the honours for the ladies team.

Cambridge Boundary Half/Full Marathon 
5 members ran in this long standing event. Through poor weather, Andrew Quarrell (a name from the juniors a few years ago !) gave his mum Tracy a very proud “mum moment” when he finished in 7th place in 1:24 ! With Daniel Pelling finishing in 1:47, Tracy Quarrell in 1:53 and Natasha Scott in 2hrs.
Yusuf Firat competed in the full marathon finishing in a very respectable 3.45:58

Big Half London 
Fiona Tideswell continues to be making a name for herself after she finished the half marathon distance in an extremely impressive time of 1.32:16.

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