Training week beginning 1st April

****** PLEASE WEAR HI VIZ ******

Yellow group from now on will be training on a Tuesday at Castle Manor School.

Tuesday 6:30pm
Yellow group
What: paired pyramid efforts 
Who: Mark White
Where: Castle Manor School (meeting at Castle Manor School)

Blue group (sub 24min 5k)
What: Kenyon hills
Where: Falconer Rd.
Who: Trev Bunch


Thursday 7pm
What: HRC club run. Winter route 4.
Where: Leisure centre 
Who: 8mm Mark White 
9mm Jamie Randall
9.5mm Carl Oldford
10mm Clair Gale
11mm Bryn Stuppell Stephen Miller
11.5mm Emma Louise Brown
12mm Dave Greenham

6pm group available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Leisure centre 
7:30pm Group available on Tuesdays at the Leisure centre.

****** PLEASE WEAR HI VIZ *****

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