Handicap time trial marshals

Marshals for Thursday: 

Grace Judge

Steve Oglesby

Claire Anderson

Bill Banner

Louise Harris

Sirkka Love

Nicki Davis

Louise Thompson (Grace)

Please could you arrive by 6:15 so we can get you briefed and out in position. Please wear sun cream and bring yourselves some extra water!!

We are looking at adding a second water table to the course because of the weather. As Steve has said please be sensible, wear sun cream and hydrate hydrate hydrate. 

If anyone else is free to help please let me know. 

Please come to CB8 9YG. We will put some signs up for car parking. Find Bill for marshal instructions. 

Thanks for your help in advance!

2 thoughts on “Handicap time trial marshals

  1. Thanks Trudy. Please come to the above address if you can and we will let you know what to do.

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